NSW Licensing

New South Wales Licensing requirements

When applying for a licence you must post the the following to the Firearms Registry:
A completed Application for a Personal Firearms Licence Form.

One or more of the following completed Genuine Reason forms:

  • Target Shooting, Recreational Hunting/Vermin Control, Collecting.
  • A certificate showing you have completed an approved Firearms Licence Qualification Course, such as the SSAA Safe Shooting Course.
  • A copy of your current SSAA membership card marked with to show that you have the relevant activities registered with your club.

If you are applying for a firearms licence to hunt, you may supply a copy of a property owners letter of permission to use their property for this purpose instead of, or as well as, showing that you have on your membership card. You cannot submit your application for a Firearms Licence to the Firearms Registry until you have passed an approved Firearms Licence Qualification course.

NSW Police Registry for additional information

Firearms Licence Qualification Course

The certificate show’s you have completed an approved Firearms Licence Qualification Course, such as the SSAA Safe Shooting Course must be submitted with your licence application.
You will need to complete a NSW Firearms Registry Declaration Form P650, which will allow you to handle firearms during the course.

When you attend the Safe Shooting Course please bring suitable personal identification, such as a Driver’s Licence. Minors should bring a copy of their Birth Certificate.

You can make your booking for the safety course at Elks Hunting and fishing, 582 David Street Albury, NSW 2640 Phone (02) 60218494.

For more information either visit Sporting Shooters NSW

Phone: 02 8889 0400 or Email: admin@nsw.ssaa.org.au


In order to retain your Firearms Licence, and your firearms, you must meet the Minimum Attendance and storage requirements as specified by the Firearms Act.
The number of attendances required depends upon the genuine reasons that you specified when applying for your Firearms License and which your Firearms Licence specifies as approved.
• Sport/Target Shooting
You will need to shoot on at least four (4) occasions during the year to satisfy this requirement and you must have those attendances recorded.
• Recreational Hunting
You will need to participate in two (2) hunting, shooting or safety training activities conducted by an approved hunting club each year and have that participation recorded.
• Firearms Collection
You will need to attend at least one (1) collectors club meeting per year and have that attendance recorded. In addition, attendances at SHOT and gun shows, throughout NSW, also count towards this requirement.

NSW Handgun License

Visit the Wodonga Handgun Website for more information under SSAA Pistol link at the top of this page . Although in Victoria the Handgun Club is an NSW approved pistol club.
Your enquires are welcome and arrange a time for an introductory into the fastest going sport in this region.

For more information on all matters to do with firearms legislation in NSW, go to the NSW Police Website

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